Best seo company in india

SEO (search engine optimization) is now days almost mandatory for every website to get crawl and listed in search engines based on keyword. Keyword are words on which you want to promote your website like “best website development company”, “”e-commerce application developers in india”, “mobile application design and development company”, etc. These are called keywords and they are for target to your visitor. Based on these words people make searches for their desired result. If your website is properly optimized for search engine it will be popular. SEO is not an easy task. It need lots of expertise to do organic seo. To keep active for long time proper seo and smo (social media optimization is required.

We need a plan to achieve the goal day by day , week by week, month by month. No one can list you in top 3 in over couple of days, so you need to be patience to get proper result. We are very much result oriented and properly planned SEO and SMO service provider in india. is on of best seo and smo service provider for clients.Ydorsoft technologies is best seo company in India.

Magento, Zend, Drupal, Cake php

Magento, Zend, Drupal, Cake php

Magento, drupal, Zend and cake php are the most demanded and reliable open source for php development. They have their prose and corns but still they are being treated as one of best because there usability and low cost in development of web sites , e-commerce applications and web apps. we are specialize in doing all of these open source for our clients.

Why Customized website Design and development is required?

Why Customized website Design and development is required?

As day is growing with web world we need a website or web application to promote our business or make our presence to millions of users of web. In that way of web technology, the technique of doing business and advertisement has changed dramatically. In today’s time, in order to take your business/idea/view or identity to new heights, it is almost necessary to have a well designed and promoted website. Nowadays, the business activities are not confined to some specific geographical location. Now, the every business or public relation activities are being performed at a global level with help of web world including websites. To achieve global presence and easy advertisement, a website is certainly required.

This is time of dynamic websites. These are specially created websites which are developed on demand. These are developed as per the specifications and requirement of the clients. Every industry demands specific website, as it has specific and special user. To meet the specifications of the industry, the dynamic web solutions are certainly the best way.

The e-commerce website is the best example of Dynamic website for online product sale. These websites are basically the online store. With the advancement in the web technology, these websites are highly demanded. These are essential in order to take the business to the next level.

The products, payment gateway & cart are some essential features. These features can only be provided in case of customized web development. Magento is very famous open source tool to develop online store websites. But customized code is always a good choice with PHP or, in PHP use of CAKE PHP, code igniter, ZEND frameworks are very famous.

To develop customized website other PHP frame works like drupal, joomla, word press are very famous and being used frequently by website development companies and freelancers.

By using PHP and we can develop any kind of customized or dynamic websites B2B market place, Matrimonial websites, Tour and travel websites, Property and real estate websites, Biding and classified web applications and so many. Any kind of web application or website we can customize through PHP and ASP.NET

All websites require proper promotion on search engines and social media platforms to get in eyes of internet surfers. No matters how well coded or how user friendly well designed and attractive one website is , if it is not in reach of users it is all wasted, so proper work on SEO and SMO are required.

Usability is also an major concern for any application. Good usability is most important for applications to attract users again and again. Maximum websites do not have returning users, to stop users going away usability is important. Design and look and feel also play major role in attracting visitors.

Customized website and application development it all points are taken care, but in open source it all are hard to maintain and very difficult. I will personally always suggest for customize development. Many of us has thinking that open source platform development are very cheap and it’s development cost is very low. It is true that open source is cheaper than core platforms but make changes in open source platforms are hard. Yes we can use open source platforms for simple dynamic websites and also complex use when we have strong technical skill or we are open to expend as much in open source.

PHP is always a bets selection for website development with help of updated HTML,CSS and J-Query. Hosting panels are easily available for PHP and it’s server maintains is also easy and cheap in respect of other servers. We use LINUX server for PHP. Database for PHP is also easy to use. It never means that other server and technologies are not easy, they are also as easy to their experts. It is my personal opinion only.

YDORSOFT– Is experienced website designing and Development Company in Delhi, India also provides cost effective services like SEO Services, web development, web hosting, Content writing etc.

Why Internet marketing is required for your online business growth

Why Internet marketing is required for your online business growth.

  1. Branding

Main reason of internet marketing is to make your business, idea or company available for all online users. It improves your brand value and increase customer base. May be anyone interested in your company name or logo or idea and become your customer or take your services. By internet marketing your brand value will increase.

2. Less investment
Other marketing technologies are still in place and relevant also. Television, radio and newspaper, magazine ads are still in demand and good. But they are very much expensive if you are looking for your broad presence like national or international. Online marketing is cheap respectively when you are looking for larger scale marketing. It required a website, SEO, SMO, PPC and email marketing. These all are much cheaper. So in less investment you will be visible to all around world.

3. People interest
People are looking online for almost of their needs. Busy life and less time is also attracting people to online purchasing or services. Like if someone has to go to doctor they preferred to book appointment online then visit doctor’s clinic. From searching plumbers to carpenters people are looking online options. So now days customer or service lookers are searching online first.

4. Increase business
Internet Marketing is increase your online sale or services. Almost every service provider want to come online and do business from law firms to medical firms , every one coming online to boost their business and company brand value..

5. Website and mobile app Traffic
Using Blog sites and writing articles is easy way to attract users to your website which will increase traffic on your app or website. More traffic is more brand value and more brand value is more business.

6. Increase Sales by social media and search engines presence.
When more users will come to your website then more sale will be generated. More sale is more profit to make your business or brand stronger day by day. Good SEO is always helpful to promote your business and excellent social media campaign drive more users to you app and website so SEO, SMO and blogs are necessary to promote your business.

7. 24*7 availability to customer
You do not be worried for timing and like shops or offices you do not need to be available 24* 7 for business. You will be available online through your website day and night and people can visit your website or app any time they need. So all the timing your business is running.

8. Boost credibility
Internet marketing also required to boost your credibility by global presence. As many users will come to your site and as many are satisfied your business will improve automatically and it will boost your credibility

Excellent opportunity to grow your business with b2b portal

An online B2B (business-to-business) directory listing websites include list of all kind of business service providers and sellers. We can say it as an true digital market for online or e-business solution. is one of these b2b market place or business directory listing or service provider listing or seller buyers listing website or portal.

What is a B2B Portal.

A B2B portal mainly works as a platform for wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to carry out their business listing, advertisement or marketing activities online. It allows online enquiry for business and service provider gets request for their services and sellers get request for their products. B2B stands for business to business, so in B2B site the communication and transaction is between one business ventures to another business venture, here the targeted customers are not approached directly, it does not sell services and product directly to the end user.

Why is best among all other choices. has become one of the most transparent sorts out and techno-savvy mode for online business deals. It provides the user the opportunity to reach out to companies and businesses globally. Marketing done through the is exclusively online thus there are no print, distribution or postage costs plus it is measurable through sophisticated tracking software.

Users Perspective!! is important from buyers perspective as well as sellers perspective. For buyers it facilitates in searching new suppliers, post buying requests, and search for used or new investment goods. For a seller point of view, it makes easy to find out buyers for their products, they could sell online new as well as used products. They could even access the information about their competitors. is an excellent source of various types of business related information. Such as:-

Knowledge about their competitors market share, the products offered by them and it also helps the companies to understand their competitors marketing strategies.

It also provides information about the products pricing and sales in the e-market.

It provides business classifieds, i.e. indirectly business directory of sellers and buyers.

Information for the supply chain process i.e. quality, delivery time, mode of payment, etc.

Provides information about latest happenings of the industry the website is dealing to. is a completely free electronic medium to communicate about your products or services to the target markets. Nearly 90% of technical buyers use the internet to fulfill their business requirements. It is very easy to operate through, all that is needed a web browser and internet connection because its free.


Sellbuyany have made possible for buyers and sellers to carry out sales and business activities online with the advantage of having choice of many companies that are listed through these websites for business purpose. There are many benefits coupled with it. Here follow the gist of the advantages that are procured by the companies using for their business :-B2B (business-to-business) websites include all internet-based technical solutions which facilitate services in the establishment of new trading relationships between companies and supporting the existing relationships. It can be termed as an e-market for e-business transactions. primarily serves as a platform for wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to carry out their business activities online. It allows electronic transfer of orders, invoicing and payments. B2B stands for business to business, so in the communication and transaction is between one business ventures to another business venture, here the targeted customers are not approached directly, it does not sell directly to the end user. All sellers, exporters, buyers, importers, manufacturer, service providers, whole sellers, resellers can list them self in business directory listing and get benefited from it.

So, Hurry up and join and make your dreams comes true.!!