Matrimonial websites in india

Why Matrimonial portals are being famous to get life partner.

We all says that marriages are made in heaven and god decided who is made for whom. After marriage we all want that our life should be in “made for each other” way. It happens with maximum of us for some it not. Choosing your life partner in now days is a big and most difficult task. In early days there were so many relatives’ friends who took initiative and arrange marriages, but now days they all are no more interested and they have their own busy life. Our parents always dream for finding our bets life partner. Bride thinks for perfect groom and groom thinks for perfect bride.

It is all possible when you thing big and think digital. So many matrimonial sites are running where you can list your profile and start getting responses for marriage. is one of such portal where you can add or post your profile and get responses. You can select your life partner in lakhs instead of 1 0r 2 when you get digital so move forward post your profile online and start getting request and responses then select on your wish.


When you will go with matrimonial sites you will be able to know so many details of any person at first hand and you can verify all those details when try to get married. Arrange marriage is still best but very difficult now days. Dowry is one of main reason why people are avoiding arrange marriage.

People are metro cities and even smaller cities moving rapidly toward matrimonial portals to get their life partners. Guardians are posting their son’s and daughter’s profiles on websites. Everyone is looking forward in digital way to get life partner and that’s why these matrimonial websites are very popular.

Anyone can easily find out matrimonial service providers on these portals. Like catering, marriage halls, beauticians etc. Almost every portal are started now to list these service providers and so has several service providers listed for matrimonial purposes.


When any one of us visits matrimonial websites one of the first thing you notice is how user-friendly they are. As a result, whether it is youngsters or the elderly in the family, anyone can access these websites easily. Moreover, the websites have special features that have kept in mind the traditional mindset of many of its users. Features like privacy options and hiding contact details help keep the identity of both the girl and the boy limited to only genuinely interested parties, and are not revealed to the random public, which makes many of us felling comfortable using it.

Some important features of Matrimonial sites:

  • Quick Registration
  • Member Registration (paid or free)
  • Browse categories that are sorted by region, community, religion Basic search on homepage
  • Advanced search with additional parameters
  • Non-members can see results of listings but with limited info Members have unrestricted access to the complete profile
  • Static information pages
  • Recent Profiles Module on Homepage
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • SMS Alerts on registration, express interest, activation

All features are also available with . Here you can avail free member ship and post your profile. Matrimonial Service providers can also registered here as free and list your services to get maximum business. Premium members get some featured listing and more viewers but it is not that free are not get viewers and business. Please come and join the online world to get maximum of it. It is free for all. Personally I will do one request that please do not misuse these platforms for any other purpose except for these platforms is made. Love it and enjoy online life partner search experience.






Magento, Zend, Drupal, Cake php

Magento, Zend, Drupal, Cake php

Magento, drupal, Zend and cake php are the most demanded and reliable open source for php development. They have their prose and corns but still they are being treated as one of best because there usability and low cost in development of web sites , e-commerce applications and web apps. we are specialize in doing all of these open source for our clients.

Why Internet marketing is required for your online business growth

Why Internet marketing is required for your online business growth.

  1. Branding

Main reason of internet marketing is to make your business, idea or company available for all online users. It improves your brand value and increase customer base. May be anyone interested in your company name or logo or idea and become your customer or take your services. By internet marketing your brand value will increase.

2. Less investment
Other marketing technologies are still in place and relevant also. Television, radio and newspaper, magazine ads are still in demand and good. But they are very much expensive if you are looking for your broad presence like national or international. Online marketing is cheap respectively when you are looking for larger scale marketing. It required a website, SEO, SMO, PPC and email marketing. These all are much cheaper. So in less investment you will be visible to all around world.

3. People interest
People are looking online for almost of their needs. Busy life and less time is also attracting people to online purchasing or services. Like if someone has to go to doctor they preferred to book appointment online then visit doctor’s clinic. From searching plumbers to carpenters people are looking online options. So now days customer or service lookers are searching online first.

4. Increase business
Internet Marketing is increase your online sale or services. Almost every service provider want to come online and do business from law firms to medical firms , every one coming online to boost their business and company brand value..

5. Website and mobile app Traffic
Using Blog sites and writing articles is easy way to attract users to your website which will increase traffic on your app or website. More traffic is more brand value and more brand value is more business.

6. Increase Sales by social media and search engines presence.
When more users will come to your website then more sale will be generated. More sale is more profit to make your business or brand stronger day by day. Good SEO is always helpful to promote your business and excellent social media campaign drive more users to you app and website so SEO, SMO and blogs are necessary to promote your business.

7. 24*7 availability to customer
You do not be worried for timing and like shops or offices you do not need to be available 24* 7 for business. You will be available online through your website day and night and people can visit your website or app any time they need. So all the timing your business is running.

8. Boost credibility
Internet marketing also required to boost your credibility by global presence. As many users will come to your site and as many are satisfied your business will improve automatically and it will boost your credibility