How to design a good website and mobile application

How to design a good website and mobile application.

10 tips for designers to create a good website design.

1. First put your thoughts on paper to plan your thinking.
It is very important but most of the time designers go straight away to photo shop tool which is not good idea according to me. Give a better thought to any problem before resolving them is good idea and Designing is also problem solving practice so according to me designers should put their ideas on paper as most of the time they do not do this and on later stage they face many problems. Think about kind of design, purpose of the particular design and what kind of business or what nature of job of particular design is.

2. Should draw top level architecture First
You should create first a frame work or wire frame of your planned design. It will help you to assess in what you are getting after your hard work. It will give look and feel of the website or webpage or mobile application. UI will be improved and u can make easy changes on wire frame and can check how it will look after your hard work. This approach will give a clear understanding of your project.

3. Photo shop Grid and Text format.
Select proper grid in photo shop to have a fine layout and fixed layout. Choose correct and suitable text format for your design first. A proper and matching and excellent text format will make your design much better and give you a happy ending with your design. So always select proper typography and grid before designing. Do not use many Text types in your design and also not too many type of colors. It will not do any thing good for your design.

4. Select Proper color theme.
UI background colors, lay out colors, side bar colors and many more. Think twice before having color scheme not too many and not too less. See how popular website and portals are designed. They have scheme for all colors and it looks good. So choose color theme properly.

5. Layout should be divided
Each section in your design or in your website, web application, Mobile application will tell a story. It needs a proper reason and a final outcome for the user. The layout needs to help the content highlighting what are the most important pieces in that story. In reality there shouldn’t be too many call outs on a page so everything should drive to that final “What can I do here”. Layout should be as per purpose. Simple lay out for simple purpose and complex lay out for complex purpose. Like a simple dynamic website and a complex B2B portal will not have same layout. A mobile application and responsive website will not have same layout.

07. Think about look and feel and requirement.
As a designer placing proper sections of website on proper place is very much important. Think twice before implementing any think on website like see if search section is required or not. Many time it is not required. See where subscribe us link should be placed, where login registration placed and so many items need to decide and placed . So many item may not even required on website or application so not add them and not left ant required think.

08. Do not waste too much time on concept before sharing it to client
Challenge yourself in design work but do not put lot of your time in concept before showing it to client. Once you will share it to client you will get lot of conceptual idea be default from client so on your end avoid wasting time on it.

09. Give full attention to your work.
Every single pixel of you design should be perfect. Which we called pixel perfect design. See every corner of your design carefully so nothing should be there which can hamper your hard work. Always think as end user of the design and try your best.

10. Be a good friend of developer and Testers.
Your developer and testers are very much technical guys and they will always help you out in making good design. Try to have a quick advice from them so in later stage you might not need to make too many changes and it should not create a big problem for developers.

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